We offer a number of colour options, from balayage to vivids, and every custom option in between.

Balayage (Hair painting)

Balayage is a french word meaning ‘to sweep‘ or ‘to paint’. It is a technique that simulates a soft, natural looking, sun-kissed effect.

Service length: 3-4 hours

Cost: $175-$275

Why Balayage?

  1. Less maintenance

  2. More natural looking

  3. Blends into natural root colour

Vivid Colour

Vivid colouring is a pretty straight-forward concept but there are a few important things to consider when choosing what colour and technique should be used for your hair. The experts at R&O will help you understand what’s right for you and get the best results brightening things up for you.

Service length: 4-6 hours

Cost: $225-$400

Why Vivid?

  1. Custom colours

  2. Variety of applications (solid, multi and melted-colour)

  3. New line of colour shampoo to maintain vivid colour longer

Traditional Foils - Full or Partial

Traditional Foils are a technique for adding your preferred colour to your hair. This may be to add a new touch to wake up your look, or to refresh your roots and bring it all back together. The technique of using foils may also be used as part of Balayage or Vivid services. Talk to us about what you want to accomplish and we will have the foils ready on your arrival.

Service length: 2-4 hours

Cost: $150 - $275

Why Foils?

  1. Custom colours

  2. Variety of applications (solid and dimensional)

  3. Personalize and maintain your colour with a long-term plan and matched colour shampoos

“A professional can develop custom colours with considerAtion for your skin tone, or find the best products for your skin and hair. We put a lot of thought into each of these recommendations, at the same time we recognize that every clients needs are different.”

— Lauren